Sunday, March 7, 2010

On Eisley and Success in the Music Business

One of my friends at wb (a high-up) once referred to Eisley as "the little train that could". I know he meant well but I would never characterize this band as this huffing/puffing little engine trying to climb a steep mountain but I can certainly attest to their level of perseverance and commitment to what they're doing.

I think it does take moxie but Eisley is not merely trying... they are being. Sure - the business side of this can be discouraging but you don't give up on what you are/who you are just because things are tough along the way. I've said it many times (read exhaustive study in previous journal): this is not about status, fame, popularity, money... or even about the struggle. You don't track your success by how fast you make it up the mountain or whether you even make it to the top of the mountain. It's not how many downloads you get or how many "next big thing" articles they write about you. It's not about whether Rolling Stone thinks you suck or if they think you are the "new god's of new metal" (where is Evanscence?). You don't win by being more popular than your peers.

You win by writing, recording, releasing music you love, are proud of. You get it out there however you can. You win by connecting with people through music. You win by influencing the world around you with your art. Hopefully along the way, you make the difference in someone's life. Hopefully you create a musical backtrack they can call their own. You define yourself by how you positively influence others in space and time. You use the talent God has given you. 

-Boyd Dupree

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