Wednesday, October 14, 2009

T.K. Jr, Easy To Fall For

Last fall I lived in Marysville, WA for a couple months. Marysville is about an hour north of Seattle and it's not the nicest place. It's kind of like a big sprawl, peppered with casinos. However, I met some great people there. Tony Kevin Jr was one of them. I drew this portrait of him for the neighborhood Starbucks. It took me way too long. Sucker had to sit for like 2 hours.

Tony is about to release his debut EP entitled "I should love you, but I hate you". You can hear 2 songs from it here and pick up a copy at his EP release show on Friday, Oct 30 in Seattle at the Q Cafe.

You should also pick up a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. "It's easy to fall for".


  1. ok, I dont love Marysville, but c'mon Patrick! You make it sound awful...

    1) it only 30 minutes North of Seattle.

    2) it is NOT peppered with casinos. There are TWO casinos, in TULALIP. Not in Marysville. Technically, there are more casinos in Seattle, only they are not full scale casinos (just card rooms).

    ... but, yeah, I am looking forward to Tony Kevin's show at QCAFE :)