Thursday, August 27, 2009

Patrick Toney

I thought it might be fitting (I say might because it's probably not) as my second official post to google my name as an introduction to my own life. Here goes...

Patrick Toney has been employed in a variety of administrative and instructional positions for the past 11 years. The time spent over these years has also resulted in an Academy of Health Sci
ences diploma in medical equipment repair (35G) from the United States Army and a B.A. and M.A. in English Literature and Composition, with an emphasis on teaching from Jackson State University.

Mar. 13--Illinois National Guard Specialist Patrick J. Toney had arranged the furniture in his apartment so he would never have to sit with his back to t
he door. The Iraq combat veteran abused cocaine to stay awake and avoid the nightmares that harrowed his sleep. When he did doze, sweat soaked his bedclothes and dampened the 9mm pistol he kept under the pillow. But Toney said it wasn't until he awoke in his bedroom last month to find an armed policeman --summoned by his worried mother--that the 22-year-old Woodridge man admitted he ...

That's where that article ended. What a cliff hanger!


  1. that's pretty crazy, man!

  2. p.s. thank God, your middle initial isn't a "J"... or else it would appear you have a double life!